Tiny Puppy Rescued By The Firefighters After Getting Stuck Inside The Toilet

Funny pictures and videos of dogs drinking from the toilet are very common on social media. And some of them, truly are hilarious. But not always the image of a dog near a toilet is funny to watch.
In this video is shown how a firefighter rescues this tiny pup who was stuck in the toilet. When I saw the video it was just to painful to to watch. He was hurting so much and terrified.

This incident happened in China, and it seems that they use squat toilets, also known as an Indian or Turkish toilet. Even though the puppy was tiny the toilets hole was narrow, that is why he had stuck so badly in there. Fortunately, with the help of the Firefighters Department, who came as soon as they got the call the puppy is back to safety know. Their owners definitely have to something to avoid this from happening again.

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