Meet Maya, A Husky Born Without Paws Who Is Now The Happiest Pup In A Wheelchair

Sometimes Maya might look like a regular Siberian husky puppy, but she is quite a special one. This three-year-old from Thailand was born without any paws on her legs so the walking was an impossible task. Maya also had problems with her hips. She was not able to even stand for more than few moments. It looked like life isn’t going to be easy for this pup.

But then Kit, her current owner, came into Maya’s life. “At that time I was looking for a puppy when I found a Facebook post from a shelter that there is a puppy up for adoption. It was mentioned that she had congenital abnormalities, no paws on all four legs”- Kit told Bored Panda. And she knew that this puppy is deserving a chance.

Kit tells that at first, it was difficult, but she won’t change this experience for anything. She calls Maya “frisky and strong” and told us that this beautiful husky “likes to play with a ball, spend time with her puppy friend Mamon and loves sleeping”.

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This being said, it is obvious that walking is quite difficult to not say impossible for her.


Despite the lack of paws she also had a hip condition that made it very difficult for her to maintain the balance for more than a few minutes.


This Siberian Husky that was adopted from a shelter now is three years old. Her owner was informed from the shelter workers about her congenital abnormalities.


But precisely because of that reason he thought that she deserved a chance in life like all other normal puppies.


With all the difficulties that came with her adoption, his adoptive family can not be any happier for choosing her.


She is strong, playful, and loves to play with her puppy friend.



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