10 Pictures Of Puppies With Babies To Make You Smile Today

Husky and Baby "Pictures"

If puppies and babies are adorable on their own, imagine the level of cuteness and adorableness when we put the two best existing things in one picture. Puppies With Babies.

The result is total bliss! Be prepared to fall in love with the pictures above.

#1 The most peaceful wrestling match you have ever seen.

#2 Look how the big dog stays by the babies side to guard him even when he sleeps.

#3  Seems like the baby is the drum roller and the pups are the back up singers. The cutest band ever.

#4 Two of the most wonderful things of life sitting side by side inside a red basket. What can be better than looking at this…

#5  Pure joy in just one shot!

#6 I bet they got hungry and are checking if mom is coming home any time soon.

child eats dog poop
Image Credit: MySouthernHealth

#7 This is how one learns to enjoy bath time even if they hated it before.

#8 I wonder can not help but wonder if they are dreaming about each other, don’t you…

puppies and baby together
Puppies and baby together

#9 Oh my….this is what we call Puppy Overload!

#10 They look so sweet on their matching outfits!

Alaskan Malamute puppy and baby

Puppies and babies together

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