Woman Buys Cute ‘Puppy’ From The Newspaper – Then Realizes Her Mistake

A woman decide to buy a cute fluffy puppy after seeing the notification for sale on a newspaper. She did so indeed without giving it another thought or at least asking some information around the puppy before going throw with the sale.

Woman Realizes After Buying A Puppy From The Newspaper Ad What A Huge Mistake That Was

As it turned out later, she realized the puppy was a wolf-dog. After learning this she knew what a terrible mistake she had made, cause she was not capable of taking care of such a breed. They are practically more wolfs than dogs. Although the puppy was very sociable, as it was written on the as as well, he was also extremely high content.

After he passed five month and had already grown up quite a bit, the situation was getting even more difficult with him. He had a really special connection with his owner but this big boy had chewed a big piece of wall from the house and was also causing problems with the other dog of the house.

Finding her self in this situation, she did a very wide research on wolf dogs and realized that if she would continue to keep him, he would never be completely happy living a domestic life. As hard as it was letting him go, she decided to send him to a W.O.L.F Sanctuary.

There were no doubt that this beauty would be better off living there, but as every new transition it is never easy.

The volunteers that worked at the sanctuary tried to pair him with to older wolfs to start his socialization into life on the grounds. But that did not worked out with neither of the wolfs as they did not warm up to the pup.

Even the sanctuary workers were in a dilemma. They knew for sure that they needed to find something for this buddy to socialize and play with.

After a while he met another dog-wolf pup just like him and they clicked immediately.

And everything went as it was meant to be. They became inseparable. Always playing and wrestling with each other. They were a very good influence for one another as even their behavior improved.

Now days they still live together and enjoy their days to the fullest.

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