10 Dogs At Polling Stations Supporting Voting In The EU Referendum

Who could imagine that the day would come, when we would see dogs participating and supporting politics. It seems like they are showing their support for the democracy. And from the looks of it they have chosen wisely their representatives.

Take a laugh at this cute photos of dogs posing in front of polling stations.

#1 This one here sure loves to vote.


#2 He seems excited to be there. It must be he’s first time at a polling station.


#3 This one is so ready to vote… he has on his serious face and all.


#4 This pugs face is like: – Go can make a difference!


#5 This cutie wants to win this elections so badly…I can not imagine the face he will make if this does not go his way.


#6 Do I really need to vote?


#7 It is election day…come on, what are you waiting for.


#8 Quick let’s get this done…It is about to rain!


#9 The time has come…Change is in the air!


#10 Next year it will be my photo on the poster with the logo “Equal voting right for all furry friends”.sub-buzz-7744-1466675900-1

What do you think?

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