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10 Moments Only Small Dog Owners Can Understand

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Small dog owners are lucky to have their tinny friends in their life. They can be kept in any environment even in small spaces, such as offices or shops. Secondly, they are adorable and no one dares to say otherwise.

But despite their perks on being small there are also some disadvantages. Especially for their owners who get to experience and bare with people comments and gestures towards their precious little ones.

Moments Only Small Dog Owners Can Understand.

#1 How come people feel the right to grab and hold up my dog just because he is small. No ones goes and takes on his/her lap a 50 pound dog, right!Small Dog Owners

#2 The anxious one feels when the children start to hang out with the pooch. Will they be able to make the difference between a stuffed toy and a real one?Small Dog Owners

#3 For some reason little pups can climb up the stairs perfectly well by themselves but when it comes to getting down they need some assistance. And the only way they know how to ask for it is barking!Small Dog Owners

#4 When you think your dog has gone missing because you did not notice him laying at his/her blind spot. Keep in mind to double check, before panicking next time.Small Dog Owners

#5 How many times have you stepped on your little precious pet paws or tail and felt terrible afterwards. Countless times I bet! Ouchh….

Small Dog Owners

#6 Getting terrified that something bad will happen when other big sized dogs approach him.we love dogs

#7 The struggle one feels to find fit tiny toys for the tiny pup to play with. Sometimes you get lucky and find the perfect toy for his size.we love dog

#8 While you try to get him the best toy you end up buying a toy that is three times bigger than the pup himself.we love dogs

#9 Regardless of the size, all dogs need their space…we love dogs

#10 The little buddies go and find spots around the house that they see as comfortable, while you weren’t aware it existed in the first place.we love dogs

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