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10 Reasons We Need Wolves And How They Fight Climate Change

Reasons We Need Wolves

“Wolves fail to hide their integrity just like the way men fail to hide their own animality.” – Munia Khan

Wolves are wild animals and this thought scares us all but there are several reasons we need wolves in our lives. However, wildlife is basically not meant to attack us. Every animal seeks self-defense, a reason which drives them to have protective behavior. So basically wildlife has nothing to do with us, they just want to feel safe.

The wolf, like any other animal, is extremely important to the ecstasy. The food chain is extremely important for both the planet and every being on it. Knowledge on animal protection is deepening day by day, offering more solutions for coexistence.

According to MotherJones there are ten reasons why we need wolves in our lives. We will review them one by one below to understand more. Scroll through to find out how.

Reasons We Need Wolves

1- Wolves help protect against climate change.

 Reasons We Need Wolves

2- Without wolves and other large predators, ecosystems can go haywire.

Reasons We Need Wolves

3- Yellowstone elk are less likely to overgraze near rivers and streams—damaging fragile ecosystems—when wolves are in the neighborhood.

Reasons We Need Wolves

4- Wolves are good for the economy

Tourists, wildlife paparazzi and scientists flock to Yellowstone with cameras, binoculars and spotting scopes just to catch a glimpse of these charismatic carnivores. Numbers say that wolf-watching brings in $30 million annually to the towns around the park.

Reasons We Need Wolves

5- When wolves disappeared from Yellowstone, coyotes preyed on pronghorn almost to the point of no return.

Reasons We Need Wolves

6- Wolf kills feed more animals than hunting by humans, since wolves scatter their carrion over the landscape.

7- Deer and elk congregate in smaller groups (PDF) when wolves are around.

8- When wolves disappeared from Yellowstone, coyotes preyed on pronghorn almost to the point of no return.

9- Wolf kills are also good for the soil.

10- Chronic Wasting Disease is a major threat to elk and deer in the West.


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