The Boy With Severe Diabetes Condition Has Found The Perfect Companion In A Dog

Living with diabetes is being always aware of your condition and making sure that you keep it under control as mush as you can. Doing is stressful enough for an adult, let alone a young boy. Luckily to his aid, he has his dog that gives him comfort and helps keeping him healthy.

The young boy suffers from type 1 diabetes. This condition is caused because the body looses his ability to regulate blood sugar. That is why even the slightest surge or drop in his blood sugar can be dangerous.

Although the boy is seven years old now he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just two years old. Like any other concerned parent, his attained all necessary equipment to monitor and regulate his blood sugar. But even though they got him all the medical equipment that he needed they felt that there was something else missing.


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