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10 Things That Dogs Hate But We Do Because We Can’t Resist

10 Things That Dogs Hate But We Do Because We Can’t Resist

When you get a dog, you are excited for adding a new member in the family, and forget about the things that dogs hate. That excitement sometimes makes us forget the most important things. Prior to getting a dog, you should read a few things about them, just to have a general idea on how to treat your dog. How to feed him/her, how to communicate, the do’s and don’ts and so on so forth.

I am well aware that not all dogs are necessarily the same, but while deciding on the breed you will get, a little study never ‘hurt’ nobody, just to get to know them better.
Learn about 10 things that we do on a daily basis to our dogs that they hate.

Things That Dogs Hate

#1-Intentionally teasing the dog

Even though it might look funny, dogs don’t like being teased at. If you do it then your dog will get angry, and you might not want to know what might happen next… 

dogs being dogs

#2-Stressing around them

We have said before that dogs are able to sense your humor, so the less you stress around your dog the better because they stress after you and that is not good. 

Things That Dogs Hate

#3- Keeping the leash too tight

Dogs want to be able to move around when in a leash. If you tighten it too much they will feel deprived. 

Things That Dogs Hate

#4- Letting them alone

Dogs get bored when they have nothing to do, or no one to be with. I would say that this is what dogs hate the most. 

dogs being dogs

#5- Depriving them from exploring

Dogs want to small whatever they want, and go wherever they want when you take them for a walk. It is their time so they want to spend it how they want it. 

dogs being dogs

#6- Using more words than body language

Dogs can’t understand what you speak, so they would appreciate if you could use more body language and less words when you speak to them. 

Things That Dogs Hate

#7- Hugging your dog

Dog’s feel threatened when you wrap your arms around their neck because they can’t do nothing about it. Petting them, or giving them a massage is what they like best. 

Things That Dogs Hate

#8- Not providing rules

If you provide rules for you little pup, then it will grow to be a better, happier and stress free dog. 

dogs being dogs

#9- Forcing him to interact with another dog

If your dog likes to interact with other dogs it will do it one moment or another. Don’t make him do what he doesn’t feel like doing.

dogs being dogs

#10- Making eye contact with a strange dog

This can be taken as an act of aggression or dominance. Dogs aren’t fond of it when a stranger looks them in the eye, and who can blame them? I don’t like it when strangers stare at me either.


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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