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18 Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos

rescue pet photos

Statistics on animal abandonment globally are frightening. Some of them I will list below informing you about the truth. Our material aims to reach a wide audience by informing them about the condition of abandoned animals. By talking about delicate topics we make it possible to recognize the problem. Consequently, we seek to give our contribution in any way we can.

Did you know that volunteering at animal shelters is the first aid you can offer?
“Volunteers are always needed, especially in nonprofit rescue organizations. If you’re 16 or over and wondering how to help animal shelters, volunteering is always a good idea.”
The primary way to help animals and animal shelters, for that matter, is to spay or neuter your pets. As the animal shelter statistics for 2022 indicate, it’s the best way to reduce the number of abandoned and euthanized animals.Petmedia

Knowing the situation better, the opportunities to act are higher. Moments after adoption, or the first photos are the fondest memories to share with pet lovers. Our family has constantly adopted pets by giving them permanent homes.

It is that time of month when we talk about the importance of adoption. Our team supports adoption by encouraging anyone who follows us to practice it. Give your contribution by volunteering or adopting. Trust me you will receive tremendous emotions as a reward, not to mention your relationship.

Here is what love is capable of. It gives meaning to everyone’s life a reason to share daily. March is the month of spring as these photos are warm and full of positivity.

#1 I’ve Always Been Called A Cat-Person With Three In The Family Right Now, But I Recently Decided To Adopt A Puppy And I Think He’s Pretty Happy About It. Everyone Meet Disco!

Rescue Pet Photos

#2 Adopt Seniors! We Got This 9 Year Old Gent On Saturday And He’s Wonderful

Rescue Pet Photos

#3 Adopted An Older Kitty Who Had Been Returned To The Shelter A Few Times. I Think We’ve Bonded!

Rescue Pet Photos

#4 Just Adopted This Proud Little Girl

Rescue Pet Photos

#5 We Were Looking To Adopt An Older Cat Who Needed Spoiling. Ended Up With Gerald, An Fiv+ 5 Year Old Who Was Found As A Stray. Spoiling Commenced

Rescue Pet Photos

#6 I Was Adopted Today. She Hid Under The Stove All Day Till I Gave Her Some Wet Cat Food. It Was Love At First Bite

Rescue Pet Photos

#7 I Adopted A One Eyed Dog, Everyone Said He Must Be A Pirate For Halloween

Rescue Pet Photos

#8 The Tiny Kitten I Saved. He’s A Thief, He Stole My Heart And I’m Adopting Him

Rescue Pet Photos

#9 Brought This Little Girl Home The Other Day.

Rescue Pet Photos

#10 This Little Guy Welcomed Himself Into My House The Other Day, I Took Him Back Over To The Neighbors. Well, This Morning He Came Back And I Asked If I Could Buy Him And They Just Gave Him To Me Lol. If Anyone Has An Idea Of The Breed Please Let Me Know

#11 Just Adopted This 11 Y/O Good Boi

#12 Adopted This Senior Girl Yesterday. My Beautiful Lady

#13 Meet Tartuffe! Adopted This “Approx” One Year Old Buddy From A Shelter, He Has Been Abandoned “Apparently Not Mistreated”, No Microchip, Past Unknown. He Is Such A Good Boy. They Labelled Him As Pitbull Terrier By The Shelter Vet “Not Mixed”. What’s Your Opinion? Does He Look Like A Pure Pit?

#14 I’m A Trapper For A Cat Rescue And Sometimes You Just Can’t Say No. World, Meet Ranger

#15 Just Adopted This Little Carbon Copy Of Our Gamora

#16 Here’s My Rescue Dog Named Princess, It May Be Hard To Tell, But Her Ears Are Cut Off

#17 My New Kitten That I Adopted Today. He Fell Asleep Kneading And Purring. My Heart Is Going To Explode. I Love Him So Much

#18 Any ideas what my beautiful rescue girl might be mixed with? I’m pretty sure she’s a lab/husky mix but a Google search yields no photos of dogs that look like her


What do you think?

Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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