7 Most Annoying Questions People Ask Dogs

There are a million questions you can ask your dog  but, sometimes, we ask  for things that we know the answers and that can be really annoying. Here are 7 Most Annoying Questions People Ask Dogs:
#1 “Do you want to eat? “

Yes, sure. I always want to eat

do you want to eat
#2 Why are you such a cuttie pie ?

– Baby , I was born this way

Why are you such a cutie pie#3 What have you done here?

– Why are you asking me ?. You can see it with your eyes what I’ve done.

What have you done here

#4 Do you want to go out?

– Of course, dude. I’ve been waiting for this all day.

do you want to go out#5 Are we going to visit your vet ?

– No, please no. Don’t ask this question anymore because you know my answer is always NO

Are we going to the vet#6 Want a treat ?

– Hell yessss ! What a silly question

“Want a treat#7 Would you like to take a bath ?

– No, no and no.Never in a million years



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