These are 9 of the most loyal dog breeds

which are the most loyal dog breeds

Dogs are well-know for their loyalty towards the family who adopts, raises, and lives with them. They are able to show love, devotion, and loyalty. Those who have a dog are able to feel the love a dog brings into family. Just like little kids, dogs are able to make a family happy. Despite the studies have shown that there are 9 loyal dog breeds that are more dedicated to their family than others…

These are 9 most loyal dogs breeds.

1- Staffordshire Terrier

Not everyone has been able to really discover the positive characteristics of this dog breed. Despite anything negative that the media has shown, Staffordshire Terrier are listed amend 9 most loyal dog breed in the world.

Best Loyal dog breeds

2- St-Bernard

There are a few movies that show how adorable, lovable caring and loyal this dog breed is. I think most of you have seen Beethoven where the attention goes on to this adorable dog. It is impossible not to fall in love with this face.

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3- Sheltie

Sheltie is a family-orientated sheepdog. Like no other these dogs are extremely attached to their family. They will stick with you no matter what. Thats why they are also listed among 9 most loyal dog breeds.

what are loyal dog breeds?

4- Labrador Retriever

Well-known for their intelligence, service and therapy skills. This breed is highly recommended for families because they are very easy to train. Also they are very enthusiastic and caring. What else does a dog needs to be listed amend 9 most loyal dog breeds?

Labrador Retriever

5- Kuvasz

Kuvasz is a Hungarian dog, and it has been used a a royal guard dog. They are highly protective yet highly independent. They are a little bit hard to train, but still families love them.

what are the most loyal dog breeds

6- Akita

I think most have seen the movie Hachiko. The story of an Akita dog, who waited for its owner at the train station everyday after his death, just because the dog couldn’t accept the incredible loss he had. I think Akita is the first dog people think when they think about loyal dog breeds.

hachiko akita japanese dog

7- Collie

Collie is a famous dog breed. They are mostly known about their family-protection skills, and loyalty. If they have a family they love, they will protect the family even with their life. This loyal dog breed knows no boundaries.

loyal dog breeds medium size

8- German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, yet one of the most loyal dog breeds in the world. They are great protectors, caring, and highly intelligent.

which are the most loyal dog breeds

9- Great Pyrenees

These are well-know for their guardian skills, and also for their cuddling skills. They can protect their owner, and at the same time show ’em some love, just because it makes people happier.

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Source: BarkPost

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