10 Times Even Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks

Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks

This is how canine react when Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks. Ain’t it funny? I love the way these dogs are reacting, associating them with the despair of growing up. It’s really a very hilarious material to read.

The struggle is real y’all! It is super duper difficult for dogs to deal with the idea of growing up. As years pass by their energy lowers and going out sounds like a hard thing to do.

The following 10 pictures will give you a clearer idea of what I am talking about.

Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks

#1 While they are growing up, everything changes

#2 Even though they know at some point that their life is a mess, they still are able to be there for their friends, whose life is worse.

Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks

#3 When your husky is asking you to never let him go

Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks

#4 Even thought they still want to move it-move it, their whole clique is so tired of the noisy life. Therefore they are forced to go to the park all alone. Sit, and just think about how beautiful it was back then!

Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks

#5 Just wanna enjoy my alone time, in my favorite spot

Dogs Realize That Growing Up Sucks

#6 And when I say growing up is hard to deal with I mean it. At least they have each-other’s back

#7 Nothing is able to make you feel better anymore. You just feel useless as hell!

#8 And then you see these new spoiled puppies that have everything in the world, but still unhappy. Ohhh man life is so unfair, and these new kids are definitely ungrateful!

#9 But still you kinda love the low key, chill lifestyle when you can sit around all day long, watch TV and eat your popcorns. These dogs know that growing up sucks, however they have to do their best to keep up with life.

#10 But still you can’t deal with the idea that everything is different now. No more long walks, playing at the park, running around like crazy. Definitely we all have to agree that GROWING UP SUCKS because you just feel tired the whole time. 


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Written by Erjona Dyrmo

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