10 Adorable Then And Now Dog Pictures

Every moment counts. So as our dog ages, we capture their milestone and try to look back what they looked like as a puppy. It is so much fun to compare their puppy pictures with their big doggy pictures! Here are 10 most adorable dog pictures who have outgrown their puppy fat!
#1- This puppy may have grown older but it still hasn’t grown out of its master’s hands.


#2- “Don’t you need to get back to work?”

dogs-then-now-2#3- Big girl smile!

#4- Some things never change…

#5- Big boy grin!

animals-before-after-then-now-29#6- I look so serious!

Husky puppy

#7- I can still fit my face on this arm rest!


#8- Cute overload! Lab Dog Pictures in three years..

Image SourceLab pupps Three years difference

#9- 14 years together, this is true love!

14 years together, this is true love

#10- Awesome!! She have the same smiley face all the time!!

Awesome She have the same smile face all the time

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