Remember: dogs are afraid of loud noises. Take care of them.

It is already known that dogs are afraid of loud noises such as lightning, fireworks or vacuum cleaners. Therefore, we must be careful not to expose them to these phenomena. We hope this story inspires you to build a closer relationship with your dog, physically and mentally. Dogs are the most beloved being to us, as we are to them.

Sawyer, a husky from LA got frightened by fireworks and ran away from his family. As reported by Hope For Paws, two volunteer found him near the river hiding among the tall grass. He was staying away from people making his rescue more difficult. That lasted until Eldad managed to catch him.

afraid of loud noises

Volunteers contacted his mother and she came as soon as possible. After finding each other, they start hugging and crying tears of joy. Walking non-stop to find the family, caused him some minor leg injuries. The dog was taken to hospital for a more detailed examination and it was discovered that the damage was not serious. Proper treatment restored it to normal within two weeks. Keeping the dog close during your daily walk is very important for both of you. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Also keep in mind to avoid noisy places because dogs are afraid of loud noises.

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