You Don’t Have To Be Purebred To Become The Next Dog Top Model

Many photographers although they might officially be fashion photographers, etc they also love capturing dog shots as a side hobby. But from what is available in the internet, the first thing one might notice is that all the dogs chosen for a shot are thoroughbreds. Even the best photographers in this field like Sophie Gamand and Alicja Zmyslowska work mainly with pure bred dogs. There is no doubt that this kind of dogs are well trained as well as good looking but same thing goes for crossbred dogs.
In fact, there are some beautiful mix breeds that would make outstanding sessions if a professional dog photographer would work with some of them. A self thought photographer tried to take some shots of his 2.5 year old mongrel dog. Although she is quite energetic they managed to teach her the basic when it comes to posing. Now every morning when they go for a walk, her owner fills his pockets with treats in case she plays hard to get when he needs to take some shots of her in e certain pose.

Below you can scroll down on some of the final photos from the duos autumn long walks.











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