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During Every Trip This Woman Take A Picture Of Her Husband and Their Labrador In The Same Position

Husband And Labrador In The Same Position

This wife, whom is a visual artist by profession developed a new habit which was capturing her husband and dog staring at each other while standing in the same position. And so, on every trip they went, she would find the right moment to take her shot. These is how a whole album full with memories was born.

The beautiful Golden Retriever that features everywhere is the dog the couple adopted one year ago while he was just a little puppy. Sadly they had to let him go due to unfortunate circumstances that obliged them to give him up.

Despite everything, they had the best of times with their pooch and they would not give that up for anything. This photo album will be a reminder of the happiness the Golden Retriever gave to them for as long as they had him.

One can even consider the set of photos as an homage in the honor of beautiful times spent together.

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