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10 Flying Huskies That Are Totally Challenging The Laws Of Physics

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Husky, this extraordinary breed of dog which in itself includes several other sub-breeds. Capable of withstanding the cold and low temperatures, they are also preferred by us because of the hilarious situations they create. While their body is of average size, their ability to perform various acrobatic numbers is gigantic.

If you have ever had a Husky, you can instantly tell that they are big time players. They love to goof around with their humans, act silly as much as they can, and take long naps several times a day.

Flying Huskies

Today you will finally find out how can flying huskies challenge gravity and the laws of physics. The pictures below will give you a better idea about this whole theory…

1- In case you didn’t know: Huskies can fly… YES they have the superpower to fly. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this… Flying Huskies

2- You are still not convinced? What do you say about this picture? Are you going to deny that Huskies can fly? flying huskies

3- The best part of the superpower that was given to them, is watching their face expressions. Priceless…

flying huskies

4- Look at this big guy for example. He thought that his day was getting a little boring, so he decided to use his superpower in order to cheer us up..Flying huskies

5- When they get excited and can’t handle their emotions, they just fly high. flying huskies

6- You see this guy? He is too excited for snow, so he is expressing his feelings through his superpower. funny dog

7- But they don’t always look that perfect when they fly. Sometimes their bodies take different weird positions, and they look something like this…funny dogs

8- But no matter how weird they can look, they are always adorable. Flying huskies are Superhuskies, and we love them just as much as they love their superpower…funny dogs

#9Run boy Runfunny dogs

#10 It’s  your  time  buddy, just  jump  and  then  flyyyyy.  funny dogs

Source: Buzzsharer

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