10 Funny Pictures Of Dogs Dealing With Their Crazy Siblings

Funny Pictures Of Dogs Dealing With Their Crazy Siblings

Dogs dealing with their crazy siblings, shows once more how similar we are to them. Like humans, they have disagreements with their family members, especially with their siblings. As fun and lovely can be to have a sibling there are times when they drive you crazy. Even the thought of being around them makes you go nuts. Do not get me wrong, I myself have an older brother and I feel very blessed to have him in my life. But when you go back and remember fractions of your childhood, most of those memories are fights with my brother.

Dealing with an annoyed brother or sister requires a lot of patience, which you lack at a young age. Therefore, often the relationship with each other ends in debates and quarrels. Yet, despite all, at the end of the day there is no person dearer than your siblings.

10 dogs dealing with their crazy siblings

#1 I wish  I had  not  asked  for  a sibling.Dogs Dealing With Their Crazy Siblings

#2 He  is  doing  it  again,  isn’t  he?Dogs Dealing With Their Crazy Siblings

#3 I know you love me big guy, but I am starting to feel suffocated.Dogs Dealing With Their Crazy Siblings

#4 Stay  away  from  me  you  little  sh… You  are not  my  friend,  just  my  crazy  siblingdog brother and sisters

#5 What are you doing mom? You know I am still mad at you for bringing home this cute crazy creature…Dogs Dealing With Their Crazy Siblings

#6 You don’t get to climb up stairs just because I say so!dog brother and sisters

#7 Oh my…Is he trying to be nice, or is this one of his many pranks!!dog brother and sisters

#8 I am loving this….Wish he could stay forever outside, the house would be all brother and sisters

#9 Hey don’t be sad…You know I love you despite all our fights.  dog brother and sisters

#10 Oh please,  you  think  you  are  cute?  Well  you’re  not  duhhhdog brother and sisters


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