Funny video of well-trained dogs. A yellow lab is just hilarious!

This is such a beautiful video recorded from a dog-training team. The old lady put sixteen dogs behind the fence for a while, and decides to call the dogs back outside one by one. I think it is amazing to see the patience these well-trained creatures have. They understand that they have to be called first, in order to get out! They behave just as they have been taught to, and act precisely as well-trained dogs as they are. I proudly admire the great endurance dog trainers have, and I am truly impressed by the adorable behavior of these well-trained dogs. The funnies part is when the Yellow Lab at the back refuses to get out at the end. Maybe he waited for too long to hear his name, and when he got tired he just decided to protest. This is just an adorable video, and I am sure you all will want to hit the replay button!

What do you think?

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