How to Train a Husky Puppy to Sit: 5 Steps

There are few breeds as good at expressing their opinions as Siberian Huskies. To train a husky might be difficult. Owners know they have a strong personality. This personality, while amusing, can also be frustrating when it comes to training. “Sit” is a basic behavior that almost all owners want to teach their dogs. And while it seems simple, a lot can go wrong in the training process that can result in a Husky that only responds some of the time. But don’t worry, here is an easy and effective way to teach your Husky to sit on the first cue, every time. Here are five steps to train a husky puppy to sit. 

1. Take a treat that your husky puppy enjoys and place it inside your hand. Walk over to your husky puppy and hold the treat over his nose.

2. Move your hand slowly over your puppy’s head. As he looks back at the food, he will fall down on his bottom.

3. Say his name, then “sit” when he falls on his rear. Give him his treat and say “good sit,” and give him affection.

4. Repeat this routine many times and begin to wean him off of the treats as he starts to understand what you expect of him. The ultimate goal is for your husky puppy to obey the command without needing the treat to do so.

5. Practice this trick in different locations throughout your home. Huskies tend to jump on people; therefore, teaching yours to sit by the door will help prevent this behavior when guests enter your home.

Train a Husky to give pawImage Credit: Husky Advisor

We all know Huskies are a little bit hard to train but we are very curious to know what methods did you follow to train your husky or your dog? Feel free to share your opinion with about what did work great for you?! 🙂

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Siberian Husky Temperament

Siberian Husky Temperament