10 Dogs That Do Christmas Better Than You Do Christmas

As hard as it is to admit it, this is the ugly truth. It is a known fact that dogs know how to do Christmas way better than we humans do. And if you still don’t believe me, I am sure that the photos down below will convince you.
#1 Everything is arranged, the ornaments are beautiful same as the dog that is waiting patiently for his Christmas picture to be taken.

#2  This dog loves tinsel decoration so much, that he has made him self into a Christmas tree wrapped in tinsel, lol.

#3 He is still in shock…It must feel so surreal having your picture taken with the Santa Claus itself.

#4 The chicest and most elegant pair of dogs I have ever seen in front of a Christmas tree. They even have their red bow-ties on, matching the ornament.

#5 The excitement on this pups face waiting for the Christmas with his stocking cap on point in is so entertaining.

#6 Can a dog or even human for that matter be more festive during the holiday season as this little pooch over here?

#7 He definitely would be the best Christmas gift ever and he knows it too.

#8 Is anyone ready to rock Christmas this year, cause this doggy sure is with his glittery glasses on.

#9 This Great Dane got all dressed up for Christmas but seems like he is tired of waiting until the Christmas morning to open the presents. He wants to open them right now!

#10 Seeing dogs looking this great on Christmas outfits, make us feel like clowns when we try to wear festive outfits ourselves.

What do you think?

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