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15 Funny pictures of Hilarious dogs… LOL

Dogs are way too funny almost all the time. They are such free spirits who enjoy every little thing in life. Just like they enjoy every little thing in life, they make sure to express their inner feelings clearly. Dogs have no complexes so they share their experiences, whether good or bad with everyone around them, and while they express these feelings, they make the funniest and most hilarious faces in the world. Here are 15 funny pictures of dogs that will surely bring a bright smile on your faces…
1- “Yess I know I was supposed to bee-careful, but you know shit happens and there is nothing we can do about it.”

2- QUIZ: Find the real dog!!! 

Find the real dog
3- “OH MY look at me I am such a lady. And I have a perfect little hand that matches my cute little face.”


4- “What you looking at? I am a swaggy boy, and swaggy boys dress like this right?”


5- “I love playing dressed up because it makes me feel like an awesome little fella. Strike a pose please!”

6- Looks like these two little fellas have found the perfect way to welcome the visitors at the house. Such cuties… 

7- “I’ll have a yummy, cute, and adorable french toast please and thank you very much.”


8- “I think I already told you that I am not eating this food ever again. You either change the food, or I will not eat ever again in my life.”

9- When your hooman is too cool and makes your life easier than you could ever think. 


10- “How many times have I told you that I hate talking on the phone to people.”

11- “Stop asking me about it because I refuse to give you an answer. I guess we all know here who is the guilty one here, and that is not me.”

12- “Let’s do this because I am tired of pretending like nothing has happened.”

funny dogs14

13- “Hello ladies! How you doin’?”

funny dogs13
14- “Can you please give me a break, and stop making fun of me because I swear I will take revenge.”

funny dogs12
15- This is what a guard dog in duty looks like. Would you care to get one? LoL 

funny dogs11

Source: Buzzfeed

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