12 Pros and Cons of Siberian Huskies


Consider the pros and cons of huskies before getting one. It will help you establish a solid relationship from day one. Our recommendation: get a dog that fits your daily routine. That way your activity together can be accomplished without much effort. Husky is energetic dog which likes good company and various games. Let’s go into details and tell you more about the pros and cons of huskies.

1- They are friendly.

Huskies are among the friendliest dogs you will meet. Their ability to create friendly relationships is enviable.

2- Great for children or other animals.

This breed is very fond of children and animals, a strong reason to get one without thinking twice.

Husky and baby

3- Husky appearance.

Blue or brown eyes, this dog is beautiful and is characterized by several colors such as: white, black, gray or orange to red. Elements that complement the noble and enchanting figure of him.

pros and cons of huskies

4- No need for special food.

Huskies do not have special feeding requirements. The menu is simple. What they generally consume is common dog food.

pros and cons of huskies

5- Disobedient/Stubborn.

Remember that huskies are stubborn and difficult to command. Teach them rules and discipline in order to influence their behavior.

pros and cons of huskies

6- Huskies are not guard dogs.

Huskies are to offer unconditional love and dedication. Get another dog to guard the house.

Funny Beware of the dog

7- They shed. A lot.

If you are allergic to dog hair, this dog is not for you. They shed twice a year for two to three weeks. Referring to the title about pros and cons of huskies, this should be a No for allergy sufferers.

Husky shedding

8- They are active dogs.

To get such an energetic dog, you have to be an active person to withstand its energy.

pros and cons of huskies
cute funny dog husky running in winter

9- Loneliness is not for them.

Forget personal space. Sharing every moment and emotion with your husky is his greatest happiness. Being alone is not an option for a husky, therefore you have to include them in every plan you make.

Husky Bored Face

10- They are very intelligent.

Finding the ball or catching the frisbee are among their favorite games. They have strong intuition and high intelligence for games.

Husky With Glasses

11- Independence is very important to a husky.

Get used to the fact that your dog needs his independence. Create a two-way relationship with your fur friend in terms of giving and receiving.

pros and cons of huskies
Adorable husky giving paw in forest

12- Acceptable barking.

At first glance this breed looks somewhat scary and noisy, but trust me it’s not like that at all. Huskies are perfect for people who do not like constant barking.

pros and cons of huskies

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