7 Parasites That Can Infect Your Dog During Swimming

Taking baths and spending hours in the water is our favorite think to do during the vacations.Now if we as humans do not bare the heat, imagine what our little furry friends go through. Having fur has its benefits during winter but when the temperature is 40°C outside, having fur is not so fun anymore now is it?
Well as much fun as swimming and being around water might be for a puppy, there are some risks that present to them while enjoying their swim.

This are seven waterborne diseases commonly diagnosed in dogs.

#1 Leptospirosis: it is usually found in warm areas. Dogs that swim in stagnant bodies of water, as rivers, lakes etc, have a higher risk of getting infected. The infection occurs when a cut comes in contact with the bacteria leptospirosis. In case of an infection, it has to be treated as soon as possible because it can also infect humans.


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