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8 Signs that show your puppy love runs your romance

When you have a relationship, and you both love dogs then one thing is for sure; your puppy love runs your relationship. I mean think about it, having a puppy means committing to him/her the same exact way you would commit to your baby. Nothing is more important than the happiness of your puppy, and if your puppy is not having any fun, then guess what: you are not going to have any fun Either. The following 8 pictures will show you the signs that confirm that your puppy love runs your relationship. And if you agree which what we have to say, then don’t hesitate to share this with your loved ones.
1- Your happy hour will never last more then one hour because think about it; your puppy is home alone, and you are having fun on your own. Heartless!!

puppy love1
2- Since the day you got a puppy, your Halloween Costumes should involve three characters. You, your boyfriend/girlfriend, and DUH your puppy of course… puppy love

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