These 9 photo booths, helped these dogs to get adopted quickly…

The Humane Society of Utah, an animal rescue and adoption organization in the U.S that famously takes “photo booth” pictures of dogs to get them adopted. And from what we know, this is a really good technique. So far it has been successful  because ever since the Humane Society of Utah has used photo booths, dogs have been adopted quickly. Looks like the adorable pictures of the dogs, make everyone to fall in love instantly with their beautiful faces. In this post you will see 10 adorable photo booths, actualized by the very talented pet photographer Guinnevere Shuster.  When the photographer first took the whimsical dog photos, these pets were looking for a home. Fortunately they quickly found forever homes, and they live happily ever after now.
If you live in Utah, and you want to know what happens with the pets in your area, then don’t hesitate to check their website. And if you are want to get yourself a best friend this year, then I would definitely recommend you to take a look at their webpage. It’ll cost you absolutely anything, and if you dont want to get a pet, then you can ask people around you if they want. This is all the information about Humane Society of Utah, you may need:

Humane Society of Utah: | Facebook | Twitter

1- Bit O’ Honey| Adopted bit O' honey

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