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Can a German Shepherd and an Owl be the best of friends? I guess so…

I have to tell you that never have I ever thought that a dog and an owl could be the best of friends. Well at least until I saw the pictures of these two adorable animals. I am talking about a German Shepherd and an Owl, whose friendship has crossed any lines we ever believed existed. The amazing pictures you will see below have been taken by a very talented photographer named Tanja Brandt. The photographer I am talking about is a real professional animal photographer and collage artist in Germany.
The two adorable animals, the German Shepherd and an Owl share a very unlike friendship together. Ingo the German Shepherd and Poldi the little Owl seem really comfortable with each other. In the photoshoot below you will see that they seem more than happy to cozy up to each other. All the adorable pictures have been bathed in golden evening light to make everything look even more heavily I am guessing.

I love the way these animals interact with one another though. It is amazing to think that totally different animals can bond with one another. That is something that we are used to see very often nowadays, and that shows a lot about animals. Different from us, humans, animals don’t discriminate one another. They either bond together and share a really powerful friendship, or they just ignore and that is it. once more our species must learn from animals. We should try and be more like them/ a lot more caring, and a lot less judgmental! What do you think? Enjoy the following photoshoot, and share with your loved ones if you think these two are adorable.


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