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Even though he had a tragic past, Jack is the oldest living dog in Britain

This year Jack blowed out its 26th candle, and that was a great achievement for him as a dog. He is now the oldest living dog in Britain, and this little Yorkshire has has a really rough life. No one expected little Jack to live for so long, and became the oldest living dog in Britain. That is such a great news for jack, and for his family as well. Looking back at the past, Jack could have never imagined that he was going to live 26 long years because something terrible happened to him when he was 10 years old.
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At the age os 10 Jack was abandoned from his family. Looked like they all got tired from the happy and adorable Yorkshire Terrier, so they decided to abandon him. “He was found attached to a tree, alone and utterly terrified.” This is how the person who found Jack described the whole scene.

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His actual owner meet Jack in 1999 for the first time. His daughter told him everything about Jack and since she already had a dog, she wanted her father, Ray Bunn, to keep him. This is how Ray describes his first meeting with Jack:

My daughter told me about it and asked me to go round and the first time I saw him, he came running over to me and jumped into my arms. I didn’t even hold my arms out – the bond was instant. He very quickly became a big part of the family, and now we’ve had him for 16 years.

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Ray went on further regarding Jack:

Jack has always been a very friendly dog, but he hadn’t been looked after properly before he came to us. He had a brother, and we heard that he had been fed to a rottweiler, so he was facing a horrible future before my daughter’s friend took him.

oldest dog3Even though in human years Jack is approximately 120 years old, and that is a lot. The oldest living dog in Britain is a really happy dog, and the only health problem that he is facing is a title bit of arthritis. Other than that the dog is living his life as happy as he can be.

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Source: Holidogtimes

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