10 Facts about your dog that will blow you away

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend. They can be our best life partners, and love us more than they could even love themselves. Some of you might not know these about your dog. Here are some facts that will blow you away, and maybe you will not think the same about your dogs after this.
1- The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year old child. He can understand up to 250 words, count up to five, and perform easy mathematical calculations.

2- Some Russian dogs now know how to use the Subway system. This way they can travel to more populated areas in order to find some more food, and comfortable sleeping areas.


3- Service dogs know when they are on duty. As soon as their harness is on they know its business time, but as soon as the harness is off; than they become foolish, playful, and funny.


4- This dog is Naki’o. Unfortunately he lost all of his legs to frostbite in Colorado. Now he has four prosthetic legs, but can move around and even run just like any other normal dog.


5- Spiked dog collars were invented in ancient Greece, and their original function was to protect dogs from wolf attacks.


6- In order to find from which direction a smell is coming from, dogs use their nose wetness as an essential factor.


7- In case you did not know, there is a dog shaped gigantic building in New Zealand.


8- Tiger Woods stuttered as a child. He used to talk to his dog until he fell asleep, and to him this was like a therapy.


9- Dogs don’t really appreciate hugging as much as human’s do. As a matter fact Canines interpret putting a limb over another animal as a sign of dominance.


10- Dogs are the most incredible creatures on earth, and therefore we have to appreciate and love them to the fullest.



Source BarkPost

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