First she was found buried alive, now she has a new home!

If you remember a couple of weeks ago i shared with you a sad story. A story about a dog who was found buried alive by a man and his dog. Well luckily now Athena got adopted. She has a new home, a new family, and life could not get any better for her right now. See how happy, and healthy she is now. The following 5 pictures will show you her brand new sweet life!
This is when Athena was rescued from a stranger. The man said that he was walking by with his dog, when suddenly his dog started barking where Athena was buried alive.“Only her head was visible and it was difficult to see given the amount of earth covering her,” he posted on Facebook. The man who rescued her, took her to an animal shelter immediately. There she was treated from the Vet, and shortly fully recovered from the dehydration, starving, and breathing difficulties.

buried alive

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If these animals made it, then you can too!

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