Her four Paws were cut for a meat trade, but her life looks like this now…

In is sad to think that in South Korea alone, around 2 million canines are killed each year and more than 100,000 tons of dog meat are consumed. But that is not all. This ugly industry uses some terrible practices because of a misguided belief. Since they say that adrenaline makes the meat more tender, dogs are tortured before they’re eventually killed.
One of these victims of the meat trade is Chi Chi. She was found in a trash bag left to die. A butcher deemed her meat too rancid because he had bound her legs too tight. In this video you will be able to see the conditions in which Chi Chi was first discovered by ARME.

But all the pain the poor canine went through, only made her strong. She was determined to live, and she was determined to wag her tail and smile as long as she breathed. Once Chi Chi arrived in USA she started practicing walking. She was happy to play and you can tell by that tail wagging.

She spent a lot of weeks in a Vet clinic in order to recover from all the suffering she had been through. Luckily this pup was strong enough to bare all the sufferings. Some though that was not going to make it, or maybe she would never learn how to walk again, but I am glad to say they were wrong.

chi chi3

Right when she got in USA not only the rescue group was waiting for her. She had a forever family that was really interested in adopting Chi Chi. They wanted to give her a second chance in life. They wanted her to have what she always deserved: a happy home, and a bright future. 
chi chi1We hope Chi Chi and her family the best, and we are sure these three will make a beautiful happy family.

chi chi2

Source: Viralnova

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