This Golden Retriever Gets Super Excited When He Sees His Marine Mama Back Home

Dogs are the best of the best. And these kind of stories are the ones that proved it and remind to us over and over again how pure their love is towards their human.
It is amazing the work that these women do for their country and all of us. They truly deserve all of our respect. In they line of work they are obliged to spend months and sometimes years apart from all of their loved one or any thing that is familiar to them for that matter.

But that moment they come back, the welcoming form their loved ones is overwhelming. It must really warm their hearts to know that their family will always be by their side. And when I say family I mean fury members too.

How can one not consider him a family member. Just look at how he greets her home returned mama. He is so excited, it is impossible to contain him. That feels me with so much joy. He keeps jumping left and right hugging her and it seems like he can not get enough that is how much he missed her. So lovely!

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