These Guilty Dogs Tried Their Best To Hide The Fact That They Did Something Bad

There is nothing cuter that guilty dogs that try to hide they blame. I find that ‘I am innocent’ face so hilarious. They remind me of those kind of people that never lie and when they do the are undoubtedly very bad at it.
In this video there are two puppies that apparently have done something wrong. One of the men’s slippers is all chewed up and destroyed. While he tries to interrogate the two puppies to learn who is the responsible about the ruined shoe, both of them say nothing.

But oh boy the way the little Pit Bull acts by looking in the ground has the name guilty all over him. He is so adorable looking the other way and turning the back to his owner like he does not understand what he is saying. All I wanted to do is hug and squeeze him that si how cute he looked.


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