When a Shiba-Inu meets a baby for the first time… WOW

Whoever  has a dog already, and is expecting a baby will definitely get amused by the following video. I would advice you guys to introduce your dog to your baby as soon as possible. You should make the dog understand that a new member has arrived in the family, but not only. You should introduce the dog to the baby and let them “explore” the baby. When I say explore I mean let the dog sniff the baby and get familiar with its scent.
I bet you don’t want your baby and your dog to have their first introduction when the baby is already walking. I mean that is not wrong, but the sooner you introduce these two, the sooner they will start bonding together. I am guessing you already know how helpful a dog can be in raising a kid. I mean mentally because the dog can “entertain” the baby and “keep him busy” for the most part. Plus there are many other benefits in introducing your baby to the dog and let them have their own healthy happy relationships in the months and years to come. And if you guys want to know some of these benefits then let me know and I will write a post about them.

Now let’s get to the video. In this video you will see a Shiba-ken first introduced to the baby of the family, whose name is Maya. You can all see the curiosity of the shiba-ken as it keeps sniffing the baby and trying to figure out what it is. As you can see the dog is really gentle with the baby, but you should never let a baby alone with a dog. These two creatures, the shiba-ken and the baby, are both cute, and I bet they will become the best of friends in the year to come. Enjoy and do not forget to share!

Source: Diply

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