He was tied to a tree, and left there to die, but then this happened…

We all have to appreciate the people who make an effort to save animals in need at all times. In this post we are going to talk about two girls who helped an abandoned dog. These good samaritans heard about an abandoned house who had a dog, and decided to check for themselves. When they got to the house, and they saw a neglected dog tied to a tree, they got shocked, but they already knew what to do.
They brought some food and water for the dog because he looked so skinny. Whomever tied the dog to the tree had a really bad intention, but thankfully nothing bad happened to the poor creature. As soon as the dog ate the food, and drank some water, he looked more relaxed. Little by little he allowed the girls to approach, and they were able to get a leash around his neck, and take him home. Their only intention was to rescue the dog, and then provide him with everything needed, starting with a bath, and then medical treatment if he needed any.

We can all see in the video below, how the mood of this dog changes from the moment these girls got him, to the moment he gets to walk around in the neighbor. He looks so excited, and he wants to sniff everything he encounters. Can’t really blame the poor creature. Only GOD knows for how long he was tied to that tree. I just love the fact that he got the help needed, and now if you want to give your contribution, then please don’t hesitate to donate to the website provided at the end of the video. Please remember an donation can make a great change for this poor creature. I hope you enjoy the video, and please don’t forget to share!

Source: Viralnova

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