You have to help me with the pictures below. Are they puppies of foods? It is tricky…

Sometimes it is too hard to figure things out. You know when you see a picture and you see something, but it actually turns out to be something completely different from what you thought it was? Well this is exactly the case with the pictures I am going to show you in this post. I am saying all this because of some really tricky pictures I got to watch in another web site recently. Your job is to watch and tell me what do you see in each picture. So basically what you are going to see below is a really good mix of puppies and foods, and it is your job to figure out which is which OK? Now let’s start::

#1- First challenge for you is to find the mop, and the Hungarian Sheepdog dog OK? 


What do you think?

These 10 pets are doing house chores. That is why they are pretending to be human all the way.

This bar in Greece does the most amazing thing for stray dogs… Impressed!!!