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Here is why these 10 dogs regret their poor life choices. LoL

Dogs don’t really know what they are doing most of the time. All they know is they want to have the fun of their life, and they don’t usually think about the consequences of their actions. On the other hand we try to drag our dogs to funny situations. Most of the time we tend to trick them, and put them into sticky situations. The reason we do that is realy simple: We want to have a good laugh and some awesome memories: pictures, and/or videos. The following 10 dogs regret their poor life choices, and the pictures will best show how they really feel. Tell me which one is your absolute favorite. Mine is #8. LoL
#1- “Mommy I did not want to eat the bee. She just started coming really close to me, and I got scared. Now I really which I hadn’t eaten her. Look at my face 🙁 “regret

#2- “Jump into the swimming pool they said. It will be a lot of fun they said. Thing is i really don’t like it, and now I really regret the stupid decision I made.”regret2

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