His dog got very sick, but he never gave up on her. Instead he did this…

The guy we are going to talk about, went through a really sad situation before this one. He used to have a dog for 17 years, and one day the dog died. Some of you might not understand the emptiness that loss left in his heart. Even though he thought he was not going to be able to adopt another dog, he was wrong. Soon he understood that dogs are the best companions, so he went to a local shelter, and adopted an Alaskan Malamute mix named Mojo. Then two months after, he adopted Gabby, the dog we are going to talk a little bit more about. Gabby was supposed to be Mojo’s dog, in other words, Gabby was adopted to keep Mojo company. But Gabby became a family member soon enough, and her owner could not imagine life without her anymore. The following pictures will describe what happened to Gabby, and how did the owner felt with the whole situation. Here is what he says:

Sadly little Gabby got sick one day. 


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