This is what happens when a man and a Husky get in a serious argue!

Having a dog is not an easy task to complete. We all know that dogs need a lot of time, and commitment. Until they grow a little bit, they need someone to watch them over, and to make sure that they are not tearing the house apart. Little by little, with a lot of training dogs get used to their everyday life. By the time they reach 5-8 months, they know what they are allowed to do and what thy are not allowed to do. Of course there are always exceptions because sometimes dogs loose their cool and mess up the house in the most terrible way. But trust me that is not always the case.One of the things dogs will never get used to, is stay away from food. They can’t help it because they will always get temped by the smell of the “forbidden” food.
For example in the following video you will see a man arguing with his dog because this Husky has done something he is not supposed to. Apparently the dog saw something on top of the counters, and immediately he knew that he should have it right? I mean how can he stay indifferent to something like potato skin? DAH. But what happened when the owner of that potato skin, realizes what has happened? The video below will best show you, but let me tell you a little something about it.

Once the man starts arguing with the dog, the dog can’t keep his mouth shut. He starts yelling back at him as if he wants to say “C’mon no it is just potato skin nothing serious man chill.” But as the man starts raising the voice, so does the Husky. This chilled dog can’t stand the believe that the man is doing all this noise for nothing. Yo guys should watch, because the argue becomes even stronger as seconds pass by. LOL

What do you think?

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