How To Stop 5 Bad Dog Behaviors

Our paw friends are so cute and adorable, not to mention loyal or amazing. They just have all that love to give unconditionally,and be there for us at any time. And we love them for that, even when we get back home and find something destroyed or chewed up, or  when you try to have a meal and your dog is so close and looking with those big sparkling puppy dog eyes.. Well here are 5 most common bad dog behaviors and some ways how to stop them.
#1. Begging at the Table

No matter how cute or desperate for food your dog looks, consistency is the key to curbing dinner-table begging. Make sure no one in your family feeds the dog from the table. Even if his begging only works once in a blue moon, he’ll repeat and escalate the behavior until all his barking and whining pays off with a rare food reward. Instead of giving in, provide your dog with an appropriate dinnertime activity, like enjoying his own toys or food puzzles.


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