New Born Puppy Was Rescued From The Police After Being Stuck In A Hot Car

A passerby heard a voice coming from one of the cars parked nearby. This drew his attention so he leaned towards the car, just two see a newborn puppy locked inside. It was the middle of the summer and you could not aspect either but high temperatures and low humidity. The oxygen was getting low inside the car so he decided to call the police immediately.

As soon as the Police Department got the call, they were on their way. The puppy was two weeks old give or take. Seeing the situation the policemen did not hesitate to break the window and save the pup.


As upset as they were by the action of this pups owner, they had to send the little one home to him, because it needed to be feed beside his mother. And since they were at it, they made sure the man learned from his mistake and hopefully he won’t make the same mistake twice.

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