They had no idea their pets were in love until this happened….

WE have discussed over and over about the relationship between dogs and cats. Can they be friends, or can they not be friends. Well in tis post we are certainly going to talk about a dog and a cat, but this story has nothing to do with friendship but something deeper, and way more beautiful than that. It all started when the owners of these two pets lived across the street from each-other. Little did they know that their neighbor across had a pet too. Even if they did, they had no idea what was happening when they were not paying attention to their pets.

This is how the dog spent most of his time during the day, when he had nothing to do. (Hence: this is not the dog of the story, this is just and illustration to make the whole situation more clear to you.)


What do you think?

When two Husky puppies want the same toy, they will definitely fight over it…

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