Orangutan Gets Emotional When Pregnant Woman Reveals She’s Going To Be A Mother

This is one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed in my entire life. I mean, we all have read or seen in documentaries that orangutans are one of the most caring animals in the entire planet. But to see this male orangutans reaction when a couple leans closer to the glass and the woman shows her belly bump is truly overwhelming.
As they are visiting the zoo, the approach near the area the orangutan is being kept. Although a thick glass divides them, you can tell the love he transmits to the couple. He can not get his eyes off of the woman’s belly bump. There is even a moment where he kind tries to caress her belly through the glass, it is very sweet to watch.

But the part that I went like ‘Aww’ was where he kisses her belly bump. I had never seen anything like that, it really teared me up.

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