“I owe these animals everything, even my life because they saved mine…”

I find it really amazing how animals can save our lives. They are so pure, so full of life, and the best medicine one can have during the worst of times… In the following pictures you will read a really sad, but yet inspiring story of a 19-year old girl from Slovenia. When I read the story, I got goosebumps for real. I feel really bad when I read/hear these type of stories because I feel that this world is really messed up. Some people have everything, while others struggle and have nothing. But we all have to keep faith because if we want to have a brighter future, and we fight for it, then it will come one day. You will better understand once you are done reading the story. Enjoy!!

“I wasn’t just a typical teen. I was a girl that felt lonely and had low self-esteem.”

life saver

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You wanna smile? Then these dogs are the best medicine for you…

It is terrible to see a wrecked Semi Truck, but when you see the driver….