6 Things People Who’d Rather Have A Dog Than A Kid Are Tired Of Hearing

Despite the magical feeling that having a baby gives to a couple, there are people that just prefer to have a puppy in stead. And there is nothing wrong with that, not all people are made the same. Some have different interest, different life goals and different perception of what is happiness for them.
Babies are expensive, exhausting and cause a lot of stress especially when they are newborns. Sure they are beautiful and one of the greatest joys on a humans life, priorities change though. Some prefer to focus they energy and attention to fur babies for the time being and that is completely fine.

So these are the comments these people get, and honestly are sick and tired of hearing the same things over and over again. If you happen to be one of the person that makes comments like this, take in consideration this article because some comments are best to be kept inside.

#1 ‘Who will take care of you when you are old’ – It is very simple, we will take care of our self. When one chooses to have children they spend up to 245000 from birth till they hit 18. Instead of doing that we will save those money and spend retirement on a beautiful beach surrounded by our dogs.

Young woman with her dog, focus on the dog
Young woman with her dog, focus on the dog

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