This poor puppy was lost wandering around a busy street, but thankfully this miracle happened…

A rescue organization called Howl of a Dog spotted a little puppy bear wandering around a busy street in a mission day. The rescuers spotted the puppy, so they decided to see if they could get him and offer him all the treatments, and the care the poor little thing needed.

The little cute puppy, named Fram, was all alone, clearly disoriented, and he was venturing too close to traffic, so they had to act fast. The first thing that rescuers did, was approaching the little puppy. They did now want to get close to the puppy, unless he felt comfortable enough. So instead the rescuers were just standing right there in front of him for one hour. When the puppy finally got used to the idea that the rescuers were right there in front of him, he approached to the group.

Once they got to pet the little cute puppy bear, they saw that the poor boy was covered in fleas and ticks. So the rescuers hurried and took the little puppy at the vet. They gave him a medicated bath. Unfortunately the little guy was also diagnosed with demodectic mange. The good news is that the rescuers took the prescription, and they would take proper care for the little buddy. In just a couple of weeks he looks so healthy and happy with his new opportunities. For more info you should take a look at the following video, and if you want to see if the little cutie is up for adoption, then contact the Howl of the Dog and see if the puppy is still available.

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