Strong Evidence that Dogs and Cat can definitely be BFF’s!!!

The long-time ongoing debate whether cats and dogs can be best friends will never end, but we keep adding proofs that cats and dogs can actually be really good friends together. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all cats and dogs, get along together because that is impossible, but there are hundreds of case all around the world that prove that a dog and a cat can make the best of friends.
Let me show you a concrete example: I have a 7month old cat named Lucky, and my sister has a 7-year old Siberian Husky and German Shepherd mix named Kuko. When we first introduced them together, my cat was super frightened and wouldn’t get out of her cage. On the other hand my sister’s dog was making a noise like she was crying. I thought that they would never bond and get along, but turns out I was wrong. The more the meet, the more best of friends they became. My cat plays with Kuko’s tail, she bites her foot, and sometimes she punches her in the face, and on the other hand Kuko allows her to do all these things. I am truly thrilled, but the way their friendship escalated so quickly got me by surprise.

The same thing you will see in the video below. A bunch of cats and dogs, and puppies and kittens, will prove you that the legend is just a bad word spread. These two pets can easily get along, and they can be the cutest BFF’s you have ever seen!!!

cat and dog best friends

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