The reason why this cute abandoned dog can’t stop smiling? Well he found a new loving home…

The four year old Pit Bull named Kobe was in a really bad shape when his owner gave up on him. Looks like they didn’t want the dog anymore so they gave him away to a Maryland shelter. It was obvious that the person who had the dog previously did not take proper care of him, so the shelter though that the dog needed a foster home to take care of him for a while, until they would be able to find him a forever home. I gotta say that Kobe was a pretty lucky dog because immediately Sean Stinchcomb and his wife Jade stepped in and offered to foster the pooch.

This is how Kobe looked like when he got to the shelter. The poor creature looked sad and lifeless. 


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You won’t believe what a stranger did for a homeless man whose senior dog got sick!

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