Stray dog finds the comfort he needs in this very special friend of his…

One of the saddest things you will ever see are stray dogs. Their life is an ongoing battle, and they look so powerless in front of all the struggles they have to go through in the daily basis. You can easily see the desperation in their faces, and I am telling you seeing these dogs is the hardest thing to watch while you are walking down the street. It is really unfair thinking that some dogs live in complete misery, while others get manicures and pedicures every other week. But hey that is life, and no matter how much we try to change the reality, some things will always stay the same.
stray dog
In this post you will see a sad story of a stray dog who found the comfort he needed in a teddy bear. The picture below was captured in Dallas, Texas by Yvette Holzbach. Yvette is the fonder of, Forgotten Dogs of the 5th ward, and she tries to save as many dogs as she can. This is how she reacted on her Facebook page when she saw the stray dog holding on tight to the teddy bear: “When I first saw this dog lying on this tattered and torn soft toy my first reaction was, ‘Oh how cute is that?’. Reality sunk in once I started taking the picture,” she added. “Here is a stray dog taking comfort in a worn-out, discarded toy.” 

But since the shelter has a limited number of dogs, Yvette could not rescue the dog. “We are always faced with the dilemma of deciding which dog to send out a plea of help for,” she explained. “This dog absolutely broke my heart but it was a dog that was in relatively good shape and unfortunately, the sad truth is, a dog in this condition would be much harder to find a foster for than any others we find in worse shape.” 

Even though she returned to the same spot a couple of days latter, she could not find the dog or his toy. She says that she will keep on looking because she thinks the dog needs a second chance in life…

Source: Petsfans

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